Orlando Magic Schedule – Another Great Orlando Team to Check Out

The Orlando Magic also plays at the Amway arena and you may want to check out the Orlando magic schedule to see if there is a game that you can enjoy as well as an Arena League Football game. Most of the tips on this website will apply to the Orlando Magic schedule and games as well because they play in the Amway Arena. After you check out the magic schedule and head down to the game, you can check out the street just north of the arena where you can find a few fun things to do.

Checking out the Orlando Magic Schedule and heading to a Magic game can lead to a really fun evening of basketball and other activities. After checking the Magic Schedule and heading to a game,  you can check out out one of the pregame parties held by 102 JAMZ. Check out their website for Pregame Orlando Magic Schedule Parties. Click on the “Event” tab to get information about magic games and other Orlando Events that the radio station is participating in. Just do not get to excited about the pregame party and forget to bring your event tickets with you.

Orlando Magic Schedule and Game Tips

Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic Schedule

In addition to the Orlando Magic Schedule, here are some tips to help you enjoy the game.

  1. Once you have checked the Orlando Magic Schedule, you should plan your parking out. You may want to consider staying at one of the other garages that is not as close as the Geico Garage but will be cheaper and easier to leave because of less traffic.
  2. Another tip the use after checking out the Orlando Magic Schedule is to check out the local restaurants near the parking garage you are planning to use so that you can grab a bite to eat before or after the game
  3. Here is another tip to use after checking out the Orlando Magic Schedule. If you are planning on buying water or soda bottles, they will not give you the lid. You may not think this is important until you buy too many food and drinks to carry and then find out you have to carry the bottle as well without the lid.

So check out the Orlando Magic Schedule and head to a game today.

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